Russian searching engine will receive almost $6 million for its development

Russian telecommunications giant Rostelecom will pay its subsidiary “Sputnik” $6 million for the development of industry-specific services, according to the materials on the operator’s website.

As it was explained by the press service of Rostelecom, we are talking about a contract for the development of service search platform “Sputnik” and a number of specialized products for the Rostelecom interests. Among them are trusted and secured services based on “Sputnik” platform.

In addition to user services, “Sputnik” also engaged in the state websites, in particular, the secure sites for official establishment and for governmental websites.

The reference

The first “Sputnik” prototype was represented few years ago. Since then, the testing service was visited by over 12 million users; in the end of 2015 the service received about 3 million clicks. In March 2015, developers of “Sputnik” revealed its smart phones’ version, in May – for tablets. In September 2015 browser became available for of Windows system.

“Sputnik” is a socially-oriented service-search platform. The developer is “Sputnik” organization, the controlling shareholder of which is the subsidiary of Rostelecom.

The creators of “Sputnik” arranged four types of research and more than 10 online services.


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