After Trump tape release, did candidate’s poll ratings drop?


Mr Trump has touted his appeal in rustbelt Midwestern states, with their older and whiter populations, whereas Mrs Clinton is outperforming past Democratic nominees in younger, more diverse states in the South. And he pointed out that the four women who claim they were assaulted by Bill Clinton (which he has vigorously denied) are sitting in the audience for the debate. “These things aren’t written by the media but they’re true”.

More than half of those polled said Trump is racist and out of touch with average Americans and 60 percent said he is sexist.

In Pueblo, Colorado, on Thursday (AEDT), Clinton urged her supporters to head to the polls and not back down against deeply personal attacks by Republicans.

“This has nothing to do with consensual sexual affairs and infidelities”.

“I know there’s been a lot of negativity”. He did settle a lawsuit with one of the women who claimed harassment. “And she takes the lead on the intimidation of the victims”.

“Thank you very much for coming”. “They said he invaded her space”, he said at a rally after the debate.

Mr Giuliani said Mr Bannon kept pushing to have the women come out until three minutes before the debate began.

Since the start of her general election campaign, Clinton has portrayed the race against Trump as more than just another partisan battle.

Wayne said he thinks the debate might have unified Clinton’s support among “Democratic voters who may have been anxious about her. Trump solidified his base, but not beyond the base”. Kristin Anderson told the Post that she was sitting on a couch with friends at a NY nightclub in the early 1990s when someone’s hand reached up her skirt and touched her through her underwear.

Hillary deleted 33,000 emails after a congressional subpoena – and then destroyed her phones with a hammer – all to cover-up her crimes. “There will also be people who, because it is all so unpleasant, don’t want to be any part of it”.

“When you’re a star, they let you do it”.

Listen to Leeds tell her story to the New York Times below. Hillary Clinton could be the first Democratic candidate since her husband to win a demographic that’s remained key for Republicans.

Anderson told the newspaper that she pushed the hand away, turned around and recognized Trump as the man who had groped her. “CNN is the Clinton News Network, and Anderson Cooper, I don’t think he can be fair”.

Trump says there is “zero chance” that he will quit the campaign.

Trump is facing intense outside opposition and a wave of anger from fellow Republicans for vile remarks he made about women that were caught on a hot mic in 2005, and made public last Friday. Trump’s recap of the debate came during a whirlwind rally that found the candidate moving from one contentious aspect of Sunday’s proceedings to another.

Bill Clinton with intern Monica Lewinsky.

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