Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots Betting Odds


But is it the New England Patriots that are really on the mind of the celebrated defensive whiz? Their Golden Boy Tom Brady returns from a four-game suspension on October 3.

The Bills offense will go up against a Patriots offense that has given up 15 Points per game through the beginning of the season. Can’t imagine between the two of them someone can’t find a way to get on the field, but, as is the game with these Patriots, mums the word on who that starter will be, giving Rex Ryan just one more thing to think about.

With the Buffalo Bills traveling to Foxborough to face the New England Patriots this weekend, we got some inside info from Rich Hill, the EIC of Pats Pulpit, on Bill Belichick’s squad. Although Jacoby Brissett started in Week 3, he injured his thumb, which left his availability in question for this week.

It’s not going to be an easy task, getting by the Patriots, but if we’ve ever had a good chance to beat them it’s definitely now. After a tight first quarter that ended 10-7 to the Bengals, Cincinnati never looked back.

The Patriots have had almost ten days to prepare for Sunday, after playing the Thursday night game during Week 3. He used to need a drive or two to get the feeling of the game, but he’s been able to jump right in and produce.

– Last time out, the Patriots defense pitched a shutout.

The production is occurring despite Buffalo missing several key players.

Ryan is still very much on the coaching bubble in Buffalo and the wins better keep on coming if he hopes to be there after this season.

Nearly to his own detriment at times, Rex Ryan is unapologetic for how he wants his team to play: physical, mean, aggressive.

Garoppolo has looked impressive in his first two starts this season, completing 71.2 percent of his passes for 496 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions. The genius of Belichick, and incredibly questionable game-planning/coaching from the Patriots first three opponents.

On Sunday morning, the team announced that Jacoby Brissett will start the game, but his backup will come in the form of Julian Edelman. LeGarrette Blount leads the National Football League in rushing yards and attempts through three games. If Blount can continue his spectacular play, it will greatly help the offense, as it allows the Patriots to constantly mix up offensive sets and personnel.

Luck took the Colts to the playoffs each of his first three seasons with a regular-season record of 11-5 each time but played in only seven games in 2015 because of injuries. They’re also undefeated as they prepare for another divisional match-up against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan can’t seem to shut up when it comes to the Patriots.

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