Carroll sees something special in Seahawks as bye arrives

Head coach Todd Bowles was asked about his quarterback’s security and shot down the idea, per Newsday’s Kimberly A. Martin.

Conjuring up memories of Michael Ray Richardson’s famous nautical-disaster quote about the 1982 New York Knicks – “The ship be sinking” – Brandon Marshall gave a strenuous defense of Fitzpatrick in the aftermath of Sunday’s 27-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. But when you’re the starting quarterback of a team in NY, and the guy everyone not named Geno was clamoring for to return, any blame for a slow start will land at your feet.

“When we get back two weeks from now, we’re going to get healthier”, Carroll said.

Because the alternative, Geno Smith, isn’t the answer. NINE. There’s been just one touchdown from the starting quarterback amidst those nine interceptions. That’s better than the 14.4 points per game the 2013 team surrendered en route to winning Super Bowl 48.

“We’re excited about turning the corner and go to the second quarter (of the 16-game season)”, Carroll said.

The New York Jets take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in one of the National Football League games on Sunday, start time at 1:00 PM ET, at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

After failing the onside and then forcing Seattle to punt with just under two minutes left, the Jets had a chance. “GENO! GENO!” over the raucous sounds of Seahawks fans in NY on Sunday. In a game where you’re playing a loaded up front of guys and you need to throw the ball a little bit more, we did. He’s also the first quarterback since 1986 [Steve DeBerg] to throw nine interceptions in a two-game span. He led the team in targets and receiving yards and scored his first touchdown of the year in a tough loss to the Seahawks. Marshall’s response was nothing short of Rose and Jack’s relationship in Titanic, all he was missing was Celine Dion singing in the background. He lost yardage on the play, but just running the play was an effort to give the Jets defense something to think about. The offense couldn’t get going the first two weeks, and they’ve battled through several injuries – most notably to the quarterback.

“Every week, I’m going to do everything I can to be at my best”, Wilson told reporters after the game.

Because the locker room still believes in Fitzpatrick. They know what he is capable of.

Fitzpatrick has thrown 10 interceptions for the season, but Bowles says he’s still the Jets’ top option. Even though Fitzpatrick is trending downward this season and bringing the team with him. But he could have – should have – had much more. He’s been bullish on the outlook for the 2016 version of his team since the start of training camp as well.

Naturally, not all of the Jets’ ills can be attributed to Fitzpatrick.

What if Smith has improved and his team actually rallies around him?

He bristled when he was asked if the Jets need to assess the quarterback spot. He could return later in the season; the recovery should take only five or six weeks.

Four games, two of which will be remembered more for Wilson injuries suffered on sacks than anything else, is hardly enough to make a sweeping judgment that the line has moved past the huge question mark stage (and PFF, in its praise of Britt, wrote that “the rest of the Seattle line was struggling” against the Jets).

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