Carwyn calls for party to deliver under Jeremy Corbyn


JEREMY CORBYN will clash with his Shadow Home Secretary over immigration tomorrow as the Labour leader resists calls from within the party to propose reforms on free movement in Europe. There is concern among moderate Labour MPs that they could be thrown out and replaced by candidates who are more supportive of the Labour leader.

However, the meeting was postponed until the evening, meaning that the only way his allies can now block the changes is to vote down the entire autonomy package when it comes before the conference earlier on Tuesday.

“The platform on which I was elected will now form the framework of what Labour will fight for”.

Owen Smith’s leadership challenge ended in disaster at the weekend after Labour members and supporters gave Mr Corbyn an even bigger mandate than a year ago, winning by a landslide 62-38 per cent.

“Jeremy has no leadership qualities whatsoever – his little group like him and they think he’s the Messiah, but he will never become the leader and prime minister of this country”, Lord Mitchell told BBC One’s Sunday Politics.

Sky Data conducted the survey in July, going back to people who said they would vote Labour in surveys from Mr Corbyn’s election as Labour leader in September 2015 through to the vote of no confidence in him as leader in June 2016.

Mr Flynn said it would take courage for the shadow ministers quit their posts en masse in protest at Mr Corbyn’s leadership to come back to the fold.

Numerous shadow ministers who quit in the summer have been refusing to return until Mr Corbyn agrees to elections, but some are now set to come back, according to allies of the Labour leader.

The Labour leader will use his conference speech to commit Labour to reinstating a migrant impact fund for those areas affected by high levels of immigration.

And he will suggest that Labour should take seriously the concerns over people who voted to leave the European Union because of opposition to immigration.

And Ms Eagle, who mounted a brief challenge for the leadership after the revolt within the party’s ranks at Parliament, was given a standing ovation as she said she had received 47,000 pieces of abuse simply for changing her Facebook photo.

The Scottish Conservative leader has said the “centrist, inclusive election winning” new Labour of Tony Blair is gone and been replaced with the “unelectable hard left”.

Chair of the local party Mhairi Doyle said: “For some the leadership question has been a distraction, but it has actually helped clear the air and inspired hundreds of local people to join the party and our campaign”.

An ICM poll for The Sun newspaper put the Conservatives on 41 per cent, Labour on 26 percent and the pro-Brexit UK Independence Party on 14 per cent.

“Let us have that discussion over the next few months”.

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