Clinton camp: Wikileaks e-mails only show her negotiation skills


They also worked to make Trump the GOP nominee because anyone else would have run away with the election against such a flawed candidate. She was paid $225,000 for the Arizona speech, records show.

Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine also questioned the authenticity of the documents in an appearance on CNN Sunday, even accusing Russian Federation of having involvement in the hack.

The email has surfaced in a WikiLeaks dump of Podesta’s emails.

Giuliani then tried to draw an equivalence between the recently leaked video of Trump bragging about groping women and the hacked emails.

In January of 2016, she forwarded to Clinton officials an email from Sen.

“It’s absolutely false to suggest that at any point in time we considered dropping off this ticket”, Pence said on CNN. The site released hacked Democratic National Committee emails over the summer that US intelligence officials on Friday accused Russian Federation of stealing.

The statement didn’t refer by name to the affected political institutions, but federal authorities are investigating cyberattacks on the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

On Saturday, Sanders reaffirmed his support for Clinton, saying: “Whatever Secretary Clinton may or may not have said behind closed doors on Wall Street, I am determined to implement the agenda of the Democratic party platform, which was agreed to by her campaign”.

The Clinton campaign would neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the latest batch of hacked emails of Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta released by Wikileaks.

A Clinton campaign spokesman declined to verify whether the documents are authentic.

Her Wall Street reform plan calls for prosecuting individuals (not just firms) who break the law through their work on Wall Street, imposing a “risk fee” on large financial firms and taxing high-frequency trading.

“New York is probably the leading site for contributions for fundraising for candidates on both sides of the aisle”, she said at the October 2013 investor conference, sponsored by Goldman Sachs. Tougher rules for Wall Street.

This is exactly what Sanders warned about during the primary-that Clinton took money from Wall Street but was not adopting his position against the banks because it was politically popular.

At the end of the day, as much as I’m put off by Clinton’s comments that you have to have “both a public and a private position”, and as much as I notice that Clinton never tells Wall Street bankers to “cut it out” like she said she did at one of the first debates with Bernie Sanders, we don’t have the whole story. Just listen to what he said Saturday about Trump in Philadelphia: “I think you’ve got a person who grew up very very wealthy who thinks that he is entitled to do anything that he wants”.

She admitted that “they do impose things like waiting times, you know”. Numerous speeches focused on policy issues and provide a glimpse into Clinton’s pricey speaking engagements. Now, that’s an oversimplification we know, but it was the conventional wisdom.

But she told her audience that her time in the public eye left her sympathetic to privacy concerns. “And I really believe that our country and all of you are up to that job”, Clinton said to Deutsche Bank. Once that began to change, having Clinton respond to the charges began to gain more traction internally. “Goldman, b/c of their relationship with us, is delaying the drafting of a lease for this interested party until they get a better sense from us but they can not hold them off too much longer”.

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