Court docs: Man slain by cop had threatened wife


The protest over the shooting death of Keith Scott was relatively peaceful last Wednesday in Charlotte, North Carolina until one of the protesters, Justin Carr, was shot in the head. Putney has not made it clear whether all officers who responded to the scene off Old Concord Rd. last Tuesday were wearing body cameras and if so, had them turned on.

A weekend without street violence was highlighted Sunday as the city hosted the National Football League game between the Carolina Panthers and the Minnesota Vikings without interruption. The.380-caliber weapon is a form of a 9mm gun, a weapons expert said, and could be referred to as a 9mm, as Scott described in her complaint. “Deep down somewhere, your conscience has to be bothering you”.

“Democrats come across always pointing the finger at police”, Woodhouse said.

The SBI is now taking over the investigation into the shooting. Only less than two minutes were released.

The order was dismissed a month later when Scott’s wife said he was no longer a threat to the family.

Police say two plainclothes officers were sitting inside an unmarked auto waiting to serve an arrest warrant at the apartment complex when Scott pulled in beside them in a white sport-utility vehicle. When the first speaker of the night, resident Marcus Philmon, said he respected Putney’s integrity and supported him, Philmon was heckled off the podium, WSOC-TV reported.

According to police, Scott got out of his vehicle, and refused to drop his gun. And footage of police encounters with the public is likely to become an integral part of any investigation.

Scott’s gun was reportedly stolen during a burglary, according to WBTV.

CHARLOTTE – A restraining order filed against a North Carolina man killed by police last week shouldn’t matter because officers who confronted him didn’t know about that history before he was shot to death, a civil rights leader said.

If the officers “had the foresight to put on their police vest, why did you not put on your body cam?” asked Corine Mack, president of the Charlotte NAACP chapter. It doesn’t address whether tactical units must wear them.

“These arrests are largely due to the countless hours of video surveillance and tireless work from investigators to bring these suspects to justice”, the statement said. On October 2, 2015, he kicked me and threatened to kill us last night with his gun. “This is serious, that there is no record of a life being taken”. “I don’t like how we’re treated”. After shots were fired, audio can finally be heard from an officer’s body camera. Many protesters called for the mayor and the police chief to step down.

On Saturday, authorities shared about two minutes of video capturing the shooting.

It said the family requested that the video be released earlier Friday and the department will do so once family members view it next week.

“What matters is what happened in those moments leading up to the trigger being pulled”, Bamberg said.

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