Donald Trump Claims Election is ‘Rigged’


“We have all got to come together and win this election”.

The rhetoric has gotten even more extreme in more recent days, with Mi-Ai Parrish, the publisher of the Phoenix-based Arizona Republic newspaper, responding to death threats she and her staff have reportedly received after the paper’s endorsement of Clinton, breaking its 125-year streak of endorsing Republicans.

The GOP nominee took to Twitter Sunday to once again warn his supporters that the upcoming presidential election will be fixed.

Donald Trump has been sending out his surrogates to clean up his messes as his new “unshackled” rhetoric viciously targets the “rigged” media, election system, and alleged voter fraud as the causes of his failing campaign. A whole 62 percent of voters believe that the allegations of Trump’s unwanted sexual comments or groping are credible, with 22 percent saying the accusations were “definitely true” and 40 percent saying they are “probably true”. “So naive!” he tweeted Monday. Eastern Wednesday night at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for their last debate before Election Day. “That is not the same thing as an election being rigged”. What he’s talking about is that 80 per cent to 85 per cent of the media is against him. Trump said at a rally in New Hampshire on Saturday. “I’ll make sure of that”, Husted told CNN. Democrats are 91 percent confident, Republicans are 80 percent confident. To a large extent his support is nearly entirely dependent on white voters.

Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, declared Sunday the ticket will “absolutely accept the results of the election”.

“The American people are exhausted of the obvious bias in the national media,”Pence said“. Donald Trump has yet to provide any evidence the election will be rigged in November.

Donald Trump keeps peddling the notion the vote may be rigged.

“I’ve heard a lot of bitching from Democratic officials and candidates in key states that the Clinton campaign’s strategy to triage the GOP establishment from Trump has been downright unhelpful”, said Lis Smith, a Democratic operative who helped lead Martin O’Malley’s presidential campaign past year.

With just slightly more than three weeks to the election, tensions are definitely running high.

Police in North Carolina are investigating an instance in which threats and violence mixed.

Woodhouse also mentioned the graffiti that said “Nazi Republicans leave town or else”. But about a quarter of the state’s voters are African American, a reliably Democratic-voting bloc. Instead, Trump and others are ginning up myths of “dead” voters and encouraging Trump supporters to show up at the polls to intimidate voters their party has already worked to disenfranchise-all in the name of democracy.

Meanwhile, Democrats have condemned the violence. Clinton’s team is also putting an additional $1 million into efforts in Missouri and in, and expanding already existing operations by $6 million in seven battleground states, according to campaign manager Robby Mook.

This presidential election cycle has seen its fair share of violence.

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