Election ‘rigged’ at polling places


Clinton’s campaign for months has been eyeing an expansion into Arizona, where Hispanic voters make up more than 15 percent of the electorate, and Trump’s sharp language about Hispanic immigrants have left him vulnerable, said Republican pollster Whit Ayers, an adviser to Florida Sen. Trump’s rhetoric has drawn sharp criticism from election officials from both parties across the country.

But it’s clear some Trump supporters are already convinced impropriety at polling places is likely.

Pence declined to elaborate on Trump’s remark, saying to Fox News, “All I know for sure is that Donald Trump is going to be ready for the debate”.

Trump’s running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence meanwhile joined Trump in highlighting the idea that the election was being rigged against the GOP ticket.

“Well, if they are going to vote for me we will think about it, right?” he said.

According to The Washington Post, voter fraud is rare and for polling places to rig the election would be almost impossible.

“It’s one big ugly lie, it’s one big fix”, Trump told a rally in North Carolina on Friday, adding later: “And the only thing I say is hopefully, hopefully, our patriotic movement will overcome this awful deception”.

No one was hurt in the attack, swiftly condemned by Clinton. “Very grateful that everyone is safe”.

In a two-way contest without Johnson and Stein, Clinton is ahead by 10 points, 51 percent to 41 percent.

Pence and other Republicans have tried to argue that Trump is claiming that media bias is rigging the election in Democrats’ favor, particularly in the reporting of allegations by several women that Trump had sexually assaulted them. “If you look at the locations where (Trump) has gone in Pennsylvania they are extremely, predominantly white-majority municipalities, to talk about what could happen in places like Philadelphia”, he said.

The nation’s top elected Republican, House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has declared that he would no longer “defend” the party’s nominee, rebuked Trump over his comments questioning the validity of the election process. Republicans, and some Democrats, have harshly criticized her decision to do so, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not recommend anyone face criminal charges for her use of a private email address run on a personal server.

Bill Clinton told an audience at a rally at Dartmouth College that “if you give Hillary the keys to the truck she’ll do what she’s done all her life, she’ll make something good happen”.

He also refused to join Trump’s call for Clinton to be drug tested before Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate. The ad highlights the Dallas Morning News’s endorsement of Clinton, the first time the paper has backed a Democrat for president in a century. Instead, he’s complaining about a national media that the Republican presidential ticket claims is slanted toward Clinton. The new questions highlight a dual reality of the presidential race: Even as Clinton has a growing advantage, she’s been unable to put the biggest controversy of her campaign behind her.

The poll shows a huge swing for Clinton from the same one done in August, which showed her trailing the real estate mogul by eight points.

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