Florida cancelled: “We would have done anything to play the game”


All games involving teams from the AP Top 25 this weekend were on as scheduled, including three being held in areas that forecasters believe could deal with Matthew’s wrath in the coming days – No. 23 Florida State at No. 10 Miami, LSU visiting No. 18 Florida and No. 25 Virginia Tech at No. 17 North Carolina.

So what do they do now?

The game was supposed to kick off at Florida’s Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at 11 a.m. on Saturday, but the storm’s projected path-set to hit Florida’s Atlantic Coast on Friday-made hosting the game in Gainesville impossible, the SEC says in a news release.

If not, there could be more embarrassment on the horizon if LSU or Florida win out or close to it and lose the division on a technicality.

The Web.com tournament was the last chance for some golfers to secure their PGA Tour cards for the coming season. Florida plays Presbyterian. If the game needs to be played, there’s your date. “It’s based on winning percentage and then head-to-head competition, so yeah I think that winning percentage is something that’s going to have to be discussed”.

We haven’t yet gotten a look at the game contracts for those dates, but it stands to reason that the SEC, Florida and LSU could come up with a way to simply not play those games and pay contractually obligated sums to Presbyterian and South Alabama.

The Missouri Tigers get an extra week of preparation before heading down to Gainesville, Fl.to take on the Florida Gators. LSU, however, is very much opposed, for a number of reasons.

And while the SEC could step in with money to cover lost revenue, pay the cost of breaches of contracts with Presbyterian and South Alabama, and make up for Florida’s lost home revenue for this weekend, the conference nearly certainly isn’t going to donate money to the Gainesville businesses missing out on revenue from the biggest home game weekend on Florida’s 2016 slate out of the kindness of its heart. The Tulane at Central Florida game scheduled for Friday will be played next month, it was announced earlier. David Vitter, a Republican from Louisiana, wrote a letter to Florida Gov. Rick Scott urging him to force UF to either relocate or postpone the game. All of a sudden, that head-to-head win by LSU wouldn’t matter because Alabama would still have the better record. The Gators and Bulldogs now have byes October 22, a week before LSU’s open date.

Who would make the SEC Championship Game, a 6-2 Tennessee team (that beat Florida) or a 6-1 Florida team (that lost to Tennessee)?

The issue here, however, is two-fold. That was a very physical game, and there’s some things internally that we need to fix.

Second, the stadium is actually re-configured – with seats added – for the Florida-Georgia game. Buying out non-conference opponents to clear up a week could also work. You could’ve done it Thursday by playing on Sunday or even Monday. Games that were originally scheduled to take place on September 15 were postponed to December 1, with the SEC title game a week later on December 8.

The difference is those storms that impacted LSU above were still headed to the area before the game.

So it really appears there is no easy solution here.

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