Football, hurricane lead to sharp viewership decline for second presidential debate


Voters in the poll were questioned before the release of video footage of Trump from more than a decade ago making lewd comments about women and prior to Sunday’s debate.

Referencing Trump’s response to questioning about a 2005 recording describing women in derogatory and vulgar terms, Clinton said instead of apologizing, Trump doubled down on his excuse that his comments were merely locker room banter. The results exclusively after the debate show a 7-point lead for Clinton in a four-way race.

And a Rasmussen tracking poll partially conducted after the tape leaked showed Clinton with a seven-point advantage, at 45 to Trump’s 38 – her biggest since August a year ago.

When asked to pick between the two major-party candidates, 45 percent of likely voters said they supported Clinton while 37 percent supported Trump.

When only the major two parties were considered, Clinton led Trump by 14 percentage points-52 percent compared to Trump’s 38 percent. That led to her having only one interruption of Trump throughout the night.

In retaliation, Mr Trump criticised Ms Clinton’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, accusing him of abusing women.

At the debate, Trump shrugged off the growing uproar over the video, dismissing calls for him to drop out of the election and saying he had moved on from the controversy.

The former Secretary of State specifically Russian government blamed the recent cyberattacks, during his second debate against Trump, last Sunday, a charge systematically rejected by the Kremlin. This poll has a relatively high margin of error of about 4.6 percent.

Trump’s intensely loyal supporters might well be energized by his vigorous criticism of Clinton.

CNN had 11.2 million viewers and Fox News Channel had 9.9 million, essentially flip-flopping their positions from the first debate.

The survey – conducted by the Asian American voices in the 2016 election – shows Indian-Americans support Clinton more than any other group in the Asian-American spectrum.

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