Google’s Amazon Echo Clone Will Land in November


The assistant on Google Home will apparently be the same as the one your phone uses, so it’s unsure how Google will handle multiple accounts or users. But it’s putting more emphasis on hardware as it faces rivals like Apple, Amazon and South Korea’s Samsung.

Google has tried its own devices before, the most successful being the Chromecast media streaming stick.

Google unveiled its new Google Pixel phone today and began taking orders for its previously announced Google Home hands-free home assistant. Well, it’s official and is here to take on Amazon’s Echo device as well as the Alexa voice assistant.

Google has set about taking over our abodes this morning with a full reveal of the device called Google Home. There is also a button on the side to mute the mic if you want the speaker to stop listening to you. Voice casting will also work for audio, meaning that users will be ale to control Chromecast Audio devices with voice commands.

Nowadays, with all the progress and technology available, keeping a new feature or discovery just for one company doesn’t seem feasible anymore. The company has announced support for all Chromecasts and will be adding more devices from other partners in the near future.

Google Home can play music or music videos and use a range of devices to control it- it is all synchronised across all your devices. This is another example of the growing connectedness of the home and our daily lives, and it proves that the IoT industry is continuing to grow at a consumer level. Priced at $129 (approximately Rs 8,700), it will go on preorder in the U.S. starting today and start shipping from November 4.

When Amazon introduced its Echo device in late 2014, Google executives were caught off guard. And Google isn’t alone at developing such products.

The Google Home will also function as a hub for controlling smart home gadgets like those made by Nest and Philips Hue.

With Google Home, you will finally have a home assistant that harnesses the power of Google Assistant and at the same time, go extremely easy on the wallet too. Here’s everything you need to know about Google Home.

The Assistant is a powerful AI chatbot which is able to pull in Google search results and answer questions on a number of levels. Home can also remember your most recent query for follow-up questions. Once permission is granted the AI can scan emails, calendars, files, and personal photos held in other Google products.

Google’s Assistant is also able to tap into its other services.

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