Here’s what reviewers are saying about the Google Pixel


It has a chance to do just that with its new Pixel smartphone line. Check out the features below to see which one is best for college students.

The search engine giant has unveiled a brand new flagship smartphone called the Pixel and it’s as close as you’ll get to a flawless Android rival for the iPhone 7, even matching it on price.

It arrives alongside the larger (and even more expensive) Google Pixel XL, as the firm doubles up on devices for another year.

Google Assistant knows things and can test whether you know them too.

The phones have the same sleek look as the iPhone but will appeal to Android loyalists and those who are still having trouble getting to grips with the fact there’s no traditional headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

Maybe as important as the picture quality is what you can do with the images you capture.

The only problem is that they’re quite possibly the ugliest flagship smartphones I’ve ever come across. Google has been moving that direction since the release of the Galaxy Nexus, and last year’s Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X were developer phones in name only. Its fingerprint sensor, which is located on the phone’s back, doubles as a trackpad. Where the Nexus 5X stood out at £300, the Pixel and Pixel XL have the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to compete with, along with the LG G5, iPhone 7 and HTC 10.

From the initial boot up animation to the new power menu, the Pixel’s software feels different than the standard Android experience. There are also some really great features for anyone wanting to take professional looking snaps with their phone. But it’s fine in good light and at typical distances for selfies.

It was previously reported that the Google Pixel phone has a smarter assistant that can help college students.

If you were setting out to build a smartphone, you could do a lot worse than make it an iPhone. You’ll want to seriously consider which you one you get, too, as Google doesn’t offer expandable storage.

For now, the Pixel phone is the only Android phone with Google Assistant. It will analyze your daily commute and warn of delays. Google Assistant understands context, processing your commands to serve up relevant results in a way that makes it the most advanced in-built AI on the smartphone market right now. In some cases, it was better at understanding my queries than Siri, while Apple’s virtual assistant handled other situations better.

Oh, you know the pain involved? While you can look up your previous Assistant queries through Google’s recently launched My Activity site, you can’t see what the Assistant came back with. For example, long press on the Chrome app and it shows shortcut for opening a tab or opening an incognito tab. It also works on Project Fi, and many carriers around the globe. Apple calls it Night Shift. Google is giving Pixel owners unlimited free cloud storage at full resolution for all the pictures and videos shot with the phone, including 4K video.

The Pixel will be OK if you spray it with water, but don’t drop it in the pool. Wrapping up her review piece, the Wired reporter bravely says the pixel is the product of when Google comes up with its own iPhone. It’s got solid battery life that lasts over a day, a lovely display, and snappy performance. If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll have to brace yourself for the switch to Android, which would entail buying new apps and learning new ways to navigate.

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