Immigrant’s fate will decide today in Hungary

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The failure to pass the threshold will be a disappointment for the premier, despite the majority supporting his opposition to Brussels’ policy.

“A change of civilization is like the apocryphal frog being slowly cooked alive in water which is gradually being heated to boiling point”. “Hungarians were able to give their direct opinions on the issue of immigration”.

But Jobbik president Gabor Vona says Orban should resign in case of an invalid ballot and former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany says it would weaken Orban’s “infallibility”.

Hungarians were widely expected to reject the E.U’s authority, though the margin was surprising.

“We came here so that we would be less ashamed of ourselves on Sunday night”, said Zsuzsa Berkesi, 46, a teacher, one of those who demonstrated in the capital on Friday. But turnout stood at 43.9 percent, the National Election Office said.

“More than 3 million vote no in referendum”.

Sunday’s poll will ask voters: “Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the National Assembly?”

Ruling party lawmaker Gergely Gulyas said that voter turnout will be around 45 percent based on exit poll data, and that around 95 percent will have rejected the quotas.

“The important thing is to have rules set by the United Kingdom government and that the United Kingdom government has that control and we will look at the various ways we can bring in the control British people want”. And it’s important because it’s not about the will of the government, it’s not the intention of the parliament. “Domestically, nonetheless, a low turnout would be a serious defeat for the prime minister, especially after such a huge campaign”.

“We would like to preserve Hungary a safe country like it is now”, Orban said on Thursday to TV2. Hungary has some 8.28 million eligible voters.

Orban also hopes more countries will follow suit after this referendum.

Orban has argued that future European Union relocation quotas could compel the country of 9.8 million to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees, many of them Muslims he says would spoil Hungary’s homogenous society along with its Christian identity.

The referendum asks whether to accept EU-imposed migrant quotas for each member in the bloc.

Some say the referendum is just a ploy by Mr Orban to bolster his power with a populist agenda and divert attention away from other domestic pressures. Please see our terms of service for more information. Under the original plan, 1,294 asylum seekers would be moved to Hungary.

He has built a fence to repel migrants and spared no expense to hammer the message home through billboard campaigns and an increasingly obedient state-media empire.

In fact, some opposition parties, such as the socialist MSZP, have called on people to stay home, while others, such as the left-wing KKP, have suggested that people go to the polls and spoil their ballots, which will reduce the eligibility numbers. Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said Hungary should be expelled from the bloc for breaching European values, including erecting a razor-wire fence along its border with Serbia.

Hungary has filed a lawsuit to annul European Union legislation that requires the country to accept 1,294 refugees.

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