Jeremy Corbyn ‘blinks first’ in NEC power battle with Kezia Dugdale


Mr Corbyn, who was re-elected as Labour leader on Saturday, is defending his plans for a £500 billion programme of investment funded by increased borrowing.

Southport Labour Party has welcomed the vote to support Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the party. “He can not appeal to a broad enough section of voters to win an election”.

The former schools secretary, who is now taking part in the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, added: “People know that it’s a catastrophic thing to do, they know that the Labour Party is where you should stay and fight”.

“Jeremy Corbyn was able to mobilise hundreds of thousands of labour members across the United Kingdom and his leadership has also made the Labour Party, the Europe’s largest political party”.

“He has also said that he wants the party to unite”.

Labour MP and one-time leadership contender Chuka Umunna told CNBC on Monday that if Labour lost the next general-election, there would be a “terrific amount of soul-searching about the way forward”.

As expected, Corbyn defeated Smith in comfortable fashion, winning with an even larger mandate than he received in last year’s leadership contest.

Jeremy Corbyn is to make a bold move to shift his party’s immigration policy away from the debate about reducing numbers.

She announced last week that she and Carwyn Jones, the Welsh First Minister, would choose a member each to sit on the NEC as part of package of reforms created to make Scottish Labour more autonomous.

Some have put Labour as far as 14 points behind the Conservative Government – a division which would translate into a huge House of Commons majority for the Tories in a General Election. “That’s what I’m going to spend every single day aspiring to do and I’m going to work with Jeremy Corbyn to do that”.

Jeremy Corbyn was given a lesson in harmony – and basic maths – by a 10-year-old violinist during a visit to a youth orchestra. Now his job is to convince the country that he can lead that and I want to help him do that.

Watson, who earlier this year unsuccessfully urged Corbyn to resign, used his speech to the conference to tell those who back Corbyn that they have to stop running down the Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, in power for 13 years until 2010.

The councillor claimed too much political engagement and reporting was about personalities and not the issues that made a real difference to people’s lives, and said that he really wanted to focus on local issues. “I believe it will be very hard for him but it will be down to him”.

MP Lucy Powell, who had served as Corbyn’s education spokeswoman, told The Observer newspaper that the party was “more divided than I have ever known”.

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