Lufthansa latest airline to ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones


We reported earlier this week that Samsung’s latest flagship phone iteration, the Galaxy Note 7, has been strictly banned from all flights leaving and entering the US.

Have you gotten the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 return kit yet?

The state-run Korea Testing Laboratories began its own investigation Thursday on five phones provided by Samsung, which caught fire in South Korea.

The Galaxy Note 7 will now be classified in the same category as flammable aerosols, fireworks, lighter fluid and light-anywhere matches, according to the DOT.

Qantas and Virgin are among a number of global airlines to ban the use of the Galaxy Note 7 on flights.

“Guests are not permitted to carry the Galaxy Note 7, including recalled and replacement devices whether in person, in cabin bags or in check-in baggage”. JAL spokesman Takuya Shimoguchi said customers could choose to board planes without their Galaxy Note 7 phone or the airline would confiscate it. Airlines also are e-mailing customers in advance of their travel about the Note 7 ban.

To help make it a little less inconvenient for travelers in Denver, airport officials said Samsung Note 7 devices will be replaced with Galaxy S7 devices onsite.

Samsung Australia apologises for this inconvenience”, the company said.

On October 10, Samsung announced it was discontinuing all production of the phone and offering full refunds or a different Samsung phone as a replacement to those still carrying the device.

The Jamaica Samsung store said that the scrapping of the Samsung Note 7 phone will not affect its projected sales for the year since the phone wasn’t officially released in the Latin American region, which includes Jamaica. This was down to the fact that the goggles could be used with any other Samsung device.

Samsung recalled around 2.5 million phones in September after complaints of exploding batteries.

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