Many Women Were Not Surprised by Donald Trump’s Lewd Comments


As far as the debate, 42 percent said that Clinton won Sunday’s contest, compared to just 28 percent who said the same of Trump.

Hillary Clinton has accused her Republican presidential rival Donald Trump of “stalking” her during their televised debate on Sunday.

The controversy over Donald Trump bragging about forcing himself on women accentuates the role women will play in an election that could make Hillary Clinton the first female USA president.

Hillary Clinton, who has always been public enemy No. 1 for many in the Republican Party, is now making a direct appeal to Republican and independent voters turned off by Donald Trump.

Nearly immediately after audio leaked on Friday of Trump in 2005 boasting about assaulting and exploiting women, the Republican candidate issued a statement alleging that “Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course“.

Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, is favored by 45 percent of likely voters in Virginia, while Trump, the Republican nominee, is backed by 36 percent.

Among likely voters who watched the debate, 48 per cent said they supported Clinton while 38 per cent supported Trump.

When Mrs. Clinton called Mr. Trump out for his failure to apologize to the minorities, immigrants and women he’s offended, he responded by promising vengeance.

Nate Cohn of the New York Times’ the Upshot has made a remarkable discovery about the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll, which has been unusually Trump-friendly throughout the campaign.

But Trump didn’t exclusively train his fire on his Democratic opponent.

Meanwhile, at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump told supporters the reports were “a conspiracy against the American people” by the political and media establishment. Trump apologized “if anyone was offended” and in the same video said Bill Clinton’s actions were worse.

Several fellow Republicans have abandoned him, and the nation’s top elected Republican is refusing to defend or campaign with Trump.

“It didn’t surprise me that it came from him”.

Donald Trump slammed Hillary Clinton’s email controversy Wednesday as the most “heinous” occurrence ever involving justice in the United States. “Let’s beat this crook”, Trump said.

While Clinton gained a small lead over the past month, just 14% of voters said the Access Hollywood video changed their opinion of Trump.

Trump running mate Mike Pence ditched the national reporters who pay to travel with his campaign in Pennsylvania. She hasn’t lumped all Republicans in with Trump, and often talks about wanting to the president for all Americans, including those who don’t support her.

It followed last weekend’s GOP crisis over a decade-old recording of Trump making sexually aggressive comments about women.

Clinton is viewed favorably by 39 percent of voters and unfavorably by 48 percent. “And the Clintons know it”, he said earlier.

“It’s frustrating, I feel such a sense of obligation to people“, Clinton said. And if the campaign can’t get them to vote for Trump, the person briefed on the plans said the goal is to convince young voters to stay home and depress turnout, which would likely hurt Democrats. If they revoke their support for their party’s nominee, they risk losing his voters and losing their races.

But MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell was blunt about the reality on his Tuesday night program: “There is no real poll showing Donald Trump winning the second debate”.

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