Michelle Obama makes light of Trump’s microphone problem


Martha Raddatz of ABC and Anderson Cooper of CNN will serve as moderators. “Millions of Americans, including small-business owners, would like to know whether the candidates agree with his analysis and how they would fix the system”.

For presidential candidates, a town hall debate is a test of stagecraft as much as substance.

“We, for the first time in our history, at least are providing insurance to more than 90 percent of our people”, Bill Clinton said on Tuesday.

In that sense, Clinton’s remarks, though they might have infuriated the White House, likely infuriated congressional Democrats running for re-election and embarrassed his wife’s campaign, could represent an effort to create political distance for his wife at a time of rising premiums and deductibles that are coming due just as voters go to the polls.

Separately on Tuesday, Bill Clinton also sidestepped reporters’ questions about Trump bringing up his marital infidelity.

According to a Real Clear Politics average of recent polls, Clinton now maintains a 4.9 lead with 48.1 percent over the real estate mogul with 43.2 percent. “I think he’ll feel much more comfortable”.

FiveThirtyEight still gives Clinton the best odds to win the whole thing.

First, he must be more prepared for the second debate.

“One of the main things I hear (from fellow millennials) is just wanting a change in Washington, no matter what it is”. He has to put “meat on the bone”.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump has urged terminally ill people to stay alive long enough to vote for him in the United States presidential election next month.

Throughout this election, Bill Clinton has shown that he is horrific at handling protesters at campaign events, repeatedly placing his foot firmly in his own mouth, again and again. But she argues that the negative attention, fair or not, would hamper a Clinton presidency.

It’s not that Bill Clinton got the policy wrong. The E-mail scandal, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation donors, and dozens more make Clinton unfit to hold any elective office. Team Trump is playing checkers (poorly, at that) while Clinton’s crew is playing 3-D chess in the post-debate spin game.

Trump and Pence want to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.

Third, Trump needs to remind voters the next POTUS will appoint several members of the Supreme Court.

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke Tuesday at the Charlotte Convention Center at a rally for Hillary Clinton, strongly encouraging the audience to get out the vote and speaking out against Donald Trump. Clinton’s list is all liberals, Trump has more conservative thinkers. “According to the American National Election Study, whose data go back to 1948, no more than 9 percent have made their decision on Election Day”. She was top lawyer, served as secretary of state. They don’t get anything!

Mrs. Obama encouraged the crowd of 1,400 to vote and to get others to vote, too. For Trump, it is his only path to victory.

Joey Abbate, a 21-year-old varsity wrestler at Duke, describes himself as a Republican unhappy with the state of the nation.

There is no question that the Trump campaign has been slow to develop a ground game operation, especially in key states.

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