Microsoft’s Surface desktop keyboard leaks, might ship with new all-in-one PC


I’ve also heard Microsoft will be highlighting a bunch of its OEM partners’ Windows 10 devices there. But an all-in-one Surface PC is still a possibility. Another filing appeared earlier this week, this one from the FCC (spotted by Windows Central), showing a Surface-branded Bluetooth keyboard that resembles an updated Designer Bluetooth Desktop kit, featuring the same low profile and chiclet keys. These Surface-branded devices now go by the codename Cardinal, might come in 21-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch screen sizes, and likely use the same Perceptive Pixel screen tech found in Surface Hub.

Reports have popped up over the last several months that this year’s event will introduce a new Microsoft Surface PC, kind of like Apple’s famed iMac. If you’ve been holding out for a new Surface Book or Surface Pro machine, you might have to wait until 2017. Instead, the event will focus around laptops and other devices from third-party OEMs.

The buzz surrounding Microsoft’s upcoming October event is becoming deafening, as tech enthusiasts continue to discuss what the company has in store for them this month.

The invitation doesn’t mention any hardware, saying only that the event is about the future of Windows 10, so you might want to take some of those rumors with a grain of salt.

The event beings at 10 a.m. ET; PCMag will be there to bring you all the news. Anyone hoping to see a Surface Phone is also going to be disappointed (not just at this event, but in general). The Surface Mouse certainly did not wow us with its design, in fact it is rather oddly shaped (we expected it to be more ergonomical).

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