Pence says ‘I think Donald Trump won’ vice presidential debate


Pence’s rise comes after he won the first Vice Presidential debate Tuesday against former Gov. Tim Kaine, fairing much better against his opponent than Trump himself did against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during their first debate. “We should all be proud of Mike!”

“Didn’t Mike Pence do a great job?”

Speaking before an estimated crowd of 7,000 in Henderson, Nev., a Las Vegas suburb, Trump said he could not predict the type of relationship he would have with Putin. Tim Kaine of Virginia, Clinton’s running mate, who faced off with Pence in Tuesday’s debate. But Pence has been criticized for repeatedly failing to defend his running mate’s comments.

Pence had a strong debate performance against Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen.

“The debate was a little feisty, I have to admit it”, Kaine said. In the closing moments of his segment on the debate, that’s what Meyers chose to hone in on: “But seriously, what a great night for the Pence/Trump ticket-sorry, Trump/Pence”. “But it didn’t bother me in any meaningful sense because there’s no comparison between the two camps”. According to a CNN poll, Pence won the debate by a narrow margin with 48% while Kaine received 42%. Every time Kaine attacked, Pence parried and deftly shifted the conversation.

Frank said Pence delivered on things that Trump failed to mention in the first debate: immigration, Clinton’s reference to the “basket of deplorables” and the Clinton Foundation.

On CNN, Kaine maintained his and Hillary Clinton’s commitment to supporting LGBTs.

Eighty-four percent of the 3,543 people who responded to the poll said the IN governor was the debate victor, versus just 13 percent who thought Virginia Sen.

Clinton campaign aides say there’s no second-guessing about Kaine’s aggressive strategy.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised by the extent to which Trump sees everything that happens in the world through the lens of Donald Trump.

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