Premier Li Says China, Canada Begin Exploratory Talks on Free Trade Agreement

As farmers continue to harvest a massive Prairie canola crop, Canada and China have reached a “science-based and stable” deal on the amount of foreign material allowed in canola exports headed to China, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday.

Cuba has become a hot destination for tourists, foreign investors and leaders alike since the government embarked on business-friendly reforms and Havana and Washington announced a detente almost two years ago after decades of hostility.

“What’s obvious to all of us, as we see the American campaign unfold, is that China is an issue”, Charest said.

“We have serious concerns about a proposed extradition treaty with any regime that practices the death penalty and with a serious and demonstrated lack of respect for the rule of law and human rights”, executive director Josh Paterson told Postmedia. Ching didn’t respond to an email request seeking comment.

Li visited Canada from Wednesday to Saturday.

Li did not answer directly when pressed what guarantees China would give that deportees would not be tortured.

An agreement signed between Canada’s border agency and China will result in the faster deportation of Chinese citizens deemed inadmissible by Canadian authorities, a Liberal government spokesman said on Sunday.

Tourism is expected to become a new highlight in future cooperation, Zhang said, adding that Chinese people have always been fascinated by Cuba’s unique customs and culture.

Li said that China wishes to retain close high-level contacts with Cuba and strengthen the two countries’ communication in worldwide affairs.

“This process of them becoming more mature is also a process for them to open up and the areas of the Chinese economy open to foreign investment will only increase and China will only open its door even wider”.

In his new role, Jean is charged with delivering on the new high-level security dialogue Trudeau established with Beijing on his recent visit, a dialogue that includes establishing a controversial extradition treaty.

“The discussions between our two countries lately has centred on the idea that the economic potential between us is vast and that we’d be doing a great disservice to our people if we didn’t tap into it”, Trudeau told an audience Friday that included a 150-strong delegation of Chinese business leaders at the Canada China Business Forum in Montreal.

Mr Li’s visit to Canada came a month after Mr Trudeau made a trip to Beijing looking to “renew and deepen” Sino-Canadian relations.

With China, Trudeau wants closer ties.

Moreover, people-to-people exchanges between the two countries have been in the interest of both peoples, and educational cooperation has been on the rise, said the ambassador, who has worked in Cuba for more than four years.

In 2015, China issued 100 global arrest warrants for people it says are corrupt officials, most of whom live in the US or Canada. Canada and China signed a Memorandum of Understanding on trade in canola.

“Because we do not have capital punishment in Canada… we will not extradite into situations of capital punishment”, Trudeau said.

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