Sen. McCain, Sheriff Paul Babeu drop support for Trump


Republican elected officials scrambled over the weekend to stake out safe ground in the wake of the incendiary video released Friday of GOP nominee Donald Trump suggesting he manhandled women at will. I continue to believe our country can not afford a Hillary Clinton presidency.

He said Trump’s comments were “totally disqualifying” and have persuaded him to vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

Those odds had steadily grown from about 60 percent on September 15 to nearly 90 percent on Sept 30.

“You should vote according to the issues facing this country, not the kind of dirt you can dig up on people”, she said.

The results, however, mirrored other estimates of her chances of winning the campaign.

On Tuesday evening Obama planned to appear at an outdoor amphitheater in Greensboro to back Hillary Clinton’s election. The latest head-head surveys had Clinton winning by seven percentage points, five points and a whopping 14 points.

Early Sunday morning Trump released a video statement of apology in which he said, “Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am”. In the last week, he has lost ground in at least 21 states, including in seven of the 18 states where he is leading, while improving his position in 19 states. Another roadblock is that many state laws set deadlines for the parties to certify their nominees and that deadline – which varies state to state – has nearly certainly passed in the vast majority of states since it’s typically either or between 90 and 60 days before election day, said Professor Richard Briffault, Columbia University.

A Trump campaign source told CNN the campaign has told members of Congress from the beginning to focus on winning their seats, even if that means abandoning Trump because the campaign wants as big a Republican majority as possible come January.

Pence praised Trump for “speaking boldly” during the second presidential debate, and slammed Hillary Clinton over her answer to a question about a private speech to people in the financial industry.

Her post comes after a tape was leaked Friday that showed Trump making crude comments about women. And Trump also made clear that he would not step down as nominee despite calls from some Republicans to do so.

Statement from John McCain withdrawing support of Donald Trump. “Just kiss”, Trump said, in part.

Since pundits’ postmortem of Tuesday night’s vice-presidential debate, Republican operatives and politicians have been anonymously quoted as wishing Pence were at the top of the ticket.

Bill Dallas of the evangelical group United in objective said he thinks Christian voters will forgive Trump – if he can convince them he’s had a change of heart.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to acknowledge Donald Trump on Monday, telling a group of business leaders in his home state of Kentucky that if they expected to hear him discuss the presidential race they “might as well go ahead and leave”.

The Republicans now control both branches of Congress. Reportedly, the original plan called for them to confront Bill Clinton at the debate – which was prevented by organizers.

“There is a bit of an elephant in the room today”, the Janesville Republican told a crowd of more than 500, never uttering Trump’s name as several hecklers shouted “Where is Trump?”

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