Supergirl and Superman recreate a famous comic book cover


Next January, Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl finally gets the action figure she deserves, and she’s joined by a fellow CW heroine, and a really unique take on Wonder Woman. This time, it’s “Supergirl“. But between this promotion and the other big change that’s recently been teased for James, it seems like he’s being pulled in two very different directions right now. Cat Grant, of course, won’t take any of Kara’s whining, either, telling her that she’s taking a leave of absence. Cadmus aims to eliminate the aliens, including Superman and Supergirl. Calista Flockhart gets some strong moments as she imparts final doses of wisdom to both Kara and Supergirl (we still don’t quite understand how she doesn’t know they’re the same person), and, as was the case in “Legacy”, there’s a wonderful instance where Cat gets starry-eyed around Clark Kent. On the show, Cat needs a new adventure to dive into. Actress Calista Flockhart made a decision to take on a smaller role in the show’s second season after production moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver to lower costs. Knowing how to do more with less, the crew is faced with this on shows like Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. So we cherry pick the best parts of things that we’ve seen, that we’ve read, that we’ve watched. “That was the Superman Greg [Berlanti] and I grew up on”. Meanwhile, the race for Cat Grant’s prized internship heats up, and Kara finds her human competition to be just as challenging!

Let’s rewind a bit, first.

I’d be more nervous about the conspicuous lack of James Olsen in this episode if it weren’t for his new CatCo job and the fact that the Supergirl showrunners just announced a new direction for the character this season. The SuperCousins finds Metallo under a bridge, but it turns out to be a trap, as there is another Metallo in Metropolis, attacking Krypton Park. He will be using the cyborg supervillain, Metallo who will cause great injury to Supergirl Kara. “So there’s a lot of innate hostility that Mon-El and Kara have for each other simply due to their backgrounds, which is interesting because Kara’s not exactly on her best behavior and we always think Kara is so interesting when she’s flawed”. And while the Doctor does slip away, Supergirl arrives to save the day, reconciling with her sister in the process.

With Cadmus working their magic on creating a new Metallo recruit, Alex and Winn are hot on the trail of the D.E.O. mole. He lost his home planet because they were unprepared for a Kryptonian threat and he’s not about to lose his new home. Kara’s obviously not going to believe that’s her father but through some creative approaches he’s able to actually convince her that there’s the potential of truth to it, going back to his submitting to Braniac and trying to save Argo City when Jor-El was only barely able to save his own son. She is happy upon his arrival as the family. My personal theory is that Jeremiah Danvers might be alive but he has been severely brainwashed and/or altered after he was captured by Cadmus.

Hoechlin didn’t brush up on other Superman properties before donning the suit because he didn’t want his version of the character to feel like it was pulling from any depictions that came before him.

That same can be said for Clark and J’onn’s arguments over Kryptonite.

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