‘That’s my first so-called choice’: Trump takes credit for Pence’s debate success


By Wednesday afternoon, Trump had realized that Mike Pence hadn’t won the debate – Trump had won the debate by picking Pence.

Many viewed Pence’s comments as demeaning, and some Twitter users struck back with #thatMexicanthing.

For his part, Trump tweeted out: “The constant interruptions last night by Tim Kaine should not have been allowed”. Vladimir Putin has run his economy into the ground.

“They concede privately that they probably didn’t spend as much time as they could’ve with Mr. Trump the first time around”.

“I think it really shows who people are, and what they really believe in, and how they show their character would behave in the office”, McBryde said.

“The vice president’s job is to go in and defend the top of the ticket”. Of course, Trump has a chance to even the debating score with Clinton Sunday night in St. Louis. New public opinion polls have shown her improving her standing in almost all battleground states.

Pence said “the provocations by Russian Federation need to be met with American strength” and that if Russian Federation chooses to continue to be involved in “barbaric” attacks on civilians, “the United States of America should be prepared to use military force to strike military targets of the Assad regime”. He was also more consistent in painting the Democratic ticket as career politicians unwilling to shake up Washington.

A Trump campaign spokeswoman did not respond to an email request for comment. His performance was almost as nerve-racking as Trump’s last week, but regardless, Pence has given the Hispanic community yet another reason to speak out against the ignorant and hateful campaign that Trump has been running.

Kaine, too, defended his running mate’s weaknesses, chiefly the public’s questions about her honesty and trustworthiness.

Trump initially said he would seek to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

Still, Pence strayed not an inch from his mission to champion Trump, even when some see presidential material in the in governor.

Pence’s debate performance earlier this week must reassure even liberal political pundits like James that our country will be in reassuring hands with Mike Pence as Donald Trump’s vice president and advisor. “Donald Trump has to give his tax returns to show he is qualified to be president”, Kaine said. The Republican National Committee released a video Wednesday attacking Kaine for allegedly interrupting 72 times.

This is not to say Kaine shined. “Not only do more voters think he won the debate, his favorability now sits 10 points higher than Kaine’s”. “But we can’t let talk of him overshadow Trump“.

On criminal justice, Kaine argued that Trump’s embrace of “stop-and-frisk” style policing was a mistake.

This presidential election, perhaps more than any in recent decades, has conveyed the worst possible message to voters about how our prospective leaders should discuss ideas and resolve differences. “I’m the other picture on the bus” referencing the red, white and blue campaign bus with his and Trump’s pictures on its side.

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