Trump Admitted He Took A $916 Million Tax Deduction


There also has been fairly little political talk as to if this change would extend beyond alternative investments and into broader types of investment partnerships, including real estate, energy, timber and certain small business arrangements. “My tax plan is going to cost me a fortune”, he bragged past year.

Mrs. Clinton, meanwhile, would increase taxes by a net $1.4 trillion, concentrated on the top sliver of US households. Both plans are similarly regressive. Everyone in Washington claims they are against it, yet it hasn’t proceeded far enough to trigger a presidential veto, as Clinton suggested Sunday in her response to Trump. The Trump campaign has already complained to the Tax Policy Center that it is failing to account for the growth that it says the GOP nominee’s tax cuts would unleash. The Republican nominee would reduce seven tax brackets to three, with the top rate falling from 39.6% to 33%. “Most taxpayers will have no need to itemize, simplifying their tax returns and making it easier to file”, his website states.

Trump’s handling of the situation hasn’t made it any better.

Hillary Clinton’s tax plan would have the opposite effect on wealthy taxpayers. Today’s top rates are much higher, ranging from 28% to 39.6%. Tax laws generally allow both contributions and losses to be carried forward to future tax years as possible deductions.

On average, filers in the bottom 80 percent of the national income distribution would see an increase in their after-tax income of less than 0.8 percent under her plan, the center found.

He went on to say that he paid almost $1.9 million in federal income taxes past year. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, proposes to raise taxes by expanding the tax code, and using those proceeds to substantially increase federal spending. Once you learn how to maximize your Social Security benefits, we think you could retire confidently with the peace of mind we’re all after. And those earning more than $1 million a year would be subject to a minimum 30 percent tax rate.

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As a result, many could find that those tradeoffs leave them with a higher tax bill. And why should Trump’s investors care about his personal tax liability?

In Monday’s press release, Buffett said, “He has not seen my income tax returns”.

Burman noted in his call that the campaign failed to provide guidance on key questions where TPC expressed uncertainty. Instead her plan squarely aims to make sure the wealthy pay their “fair share” as she defines it. They revealed an astonishing $916 million loss, one that-assuming the Internal Revenue Service didn’t challenge it-would have allowed Trump to avoid paying personal income taxes for about 18 years. Currently, the Child Tax Credit is $1,000 per child under 17.

By 2025, 93 percent of the new revenue that Clinton would raise would come from the richest 1 percent of Americans, according to the analysis. It would also mean increased income for all income levels, with the largest gain going to the top 1%.

Clinton would also increase the amount that low-income families could get back in refunds under the program.

Clinton, though, contended that Trump provided an example of what needed to change in the tax code – saying he was among the people who “paid zero in taxes, zero for our vets, zero for our military, zero for health and education”.

In its response to the report, the Clinton campaign dismissed the Trump plan as the “most extreme form of trickle down economics”. If a wealthy doctor or athlete is taxed at a top rate of nearly 44 percent, those who enjoy the carried-interest provision are taxed typically at a rate of 20 percent.

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