Trump, Escalating Rhetoric, Says Clinton ‘Has to Go to Jail’


Each has accused the 42nd president of sexual misconduct, which Clinton has denied. If it were, well, trolls would be ruling the world-that is, more than they already are.

Trump, this time, went after Clinton for calling his supporters a “basket of deplorables”, describing this as an example of the “hate” in Clinton’s heart.

Clinton is now seeking to spread her recent momentum to fellow Democrats on November ballots.

Flash forward to Monica Lewinsky. But at the same time, Bill Clinton should not be let off the hook because Trump is a serial sexual abuser himself.

Clinton is the political representative of a status quo that has made millions of people bitter about their declining living standards.

Keith Appell, a longtime conservative consultant, said many people feel Bill Clinton’s misconduct has never gotten a full airing.

However, Bricker says Trump’s poll numbers actually started to slide following the first presidential debate and the negative reaction to his disparaging comments during the debate about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado and a report from The New York Times that suggested Trump hadn’t paid federal income tax in almost two decades.

The national tracking poll was launched after Sunday night’s second presidential debate, where Trump was pressed to explain his comments in a 2005 videotape about grabbing women’s genitalia. “And I think they’re each gonna make just an individual short statement and then we will-we’re gonna have a little meeting we’ll see you, uh, at the debate”. He gave a better defense of why he hasn’t turned over his tax returns and went on the offense, bringing up almost every issue omitted or only briefly brought up the first time, most notably Obamacare; illegal immigration; Hillary Clinton’s refusal to say “radical Islam”; and that top Clinton aide and confidant Sidney Blumenthal pushed what Clinton calls the “racist lie” that Obama was born in Kenya. “It’s a new day”.

The latest poll, conducted from October 6 to 9, found 44 percent of likely Wisconsin voters support Clinton, compared to 41 percent in the September poll.

The campaign and Conway did not respond to requests for their comments about the call. The missives show the Department of Justice communicated with Clinton’s campaign about the investigation into Clinton’s private email server.

“With rape culture being what it is, these facts are going to shock millennial women”, Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie told Bloomberg Businessweek.

Donald Trump is fighting a two-front war these days. “There’s a whole sinister deal going on”.

Just as some voters may be giving her a first look, Clinton is out with a new middle-class tax proposal that includes policies that in the past have been endorsed by Republicans.

A gleeful Bossie told AP in an interview in late May, when he was leading an outside group attacking Clinton, that his history of Clinton research gave him “an enormous vault of material to work with”.

But while Trump went on all out-assault on his opponent, his campaign reeled again from new accusations that the celebrity businessman touched women inappropriately. He joined the Trump campaign three months later, bringing along his decades of Clinton immersion.

Clinton’s message resonated with many pueblo residents. The former chairman of Breitbart, he’s now the chief executive officer of Trump’s campaign.

The rhetorical attacks have gone far enough and as this debate shows, the need for this election to regain its focus on issues, rather than purely human character, needs to be taken seriously by moderators and each campaign alike.

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