Trump fires back at Ryan as Republicans go to war


Civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred said this week that women have begun contacting her with allegations that they were sexually harassed or abused by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Recent poll numbers show Donald Trump and the Republican Party could be in trouble.

In the tape, which was recorded in 2005, Trump can be heard talking about grabbing women by their genitals and bragging about how his celebrity status lets him do whatever he wants with women. But the truth is that Trump didn’t come from nowhere.

He told Republican politicians on a conference call on Monday that he would not campaign for Trump and would focus instead on helping the party keep control of the House. And any attempt to mitigate that truth – however well-intentioned or politically calculated – is a mistake.

Several GOP Senate candidates in top-tier races, including New Hampshire, announced over the weekend they were pulling support from Trump.

At the same time, Clinton is trying to expand beyond her base.

But he declined to do so Monday, and one is left wondering how far Trump would have to go for Ryan to disavow that endorsement. Ryan, often seen as the GOP’s golden boy, could be indelibly tarnished by his handling of Trump.

As speaker of the House of Representatives, Ryan is now the most powerful Republican.

“I disagree with him on many things, but I disagree with his opponent on virtually everything”, Rubio said. “It is some of the most abhorrent and offensive comments that you can possibly imagine”. Trump positioned three of the women in front row seats to watch the debate. After listing the other times Trump has used divisive language about immigrants, Muslims and African Americans, Clinton said young voters have a chance to show how that their generation is a generation of tolerance.

Trump “alone does not bear the burden of his conduct, because he alone did not make himself your party’s nominee”, said John Oliver, the British satirist, to the grandstanding GOP grandees. A few weeks later, he signed a bill that defunded Planned Parenthood in OH to a risky degree. “All of you have consistently supported him through some absolutely heinous shit”. He has spotlighted women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment and assaults and claimed that Hillary Clinton tried to silence them. Trump has described his comments as “locker room talk” and said he regrets them. The women of OH deserve better, too.

Bolting from the toxic rhetoric and tawdry reputation of Donald Trump+ that has invited the epithet Grabbers of P-ssy on the party, its most powerful official, House Speaker Paul Ryan+, has virtually called for a “conscience vote”, in the Presidential election.

Clintonism is what Trump’s supporters were supposed to hate so much.

The tweet from Trump comes a day after House of Representatives Speaker Ryan told his party leaders in an emergency conference call that he would focus on maintaining majority in the Congress and would not be supporting his presidential nominee. On Saturday, Ryan made remarks at the Wisconsin County Fair.

“They come at you from all sides, ” he tweeted. “It has to go through Commerce for approval before it goes into effect”. One senior Republican strategist working on down-ticket races criticized Priebus and others in the RNC leadership for the decision.

But Ryan did make clear that he would no longer provide proactive support for his party’s presidential candidate. On the afternoon of August 7, 1974, the two Republican congressional leaders and party patriarch Barry Goldwater met with Richard Nixon in the Oval Office to tell the beleaguered president that it was over. He said the candidate had to be contrite and apologetic.

At this point, nothing short of a miracle will save Trump’s candidacy.

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