Trump rips Ryan, ‘disloyal’ Republicans for shunning his campaign


Ryan dealt his own party’s presidential nominee a huge blow Monday, telling fellow House Republicans he will no longer defend his party’s presidential nominee.

Ryan said he will focus his energy instead on ensuring Hillary Clinton does not get a blank check, the source said, with a Democratic-controlled Congress.

He followed an hour later with another tweet aimed at Ryan. The company services trucks for highway crews.

“Speaker Ryan is a polished politician”.

That’s awful news for House and Senate Republicans who would be seriously damaged at the polls by that outcome.

Trump’s newly aggressive attacks on other Republicans underscore a massive breach within the party, one that makes it even harder for the GOP to hold control of the Senate and perhaps the House, much less winning the presidency. Trump apologized for the remarks at Sunday’s second presidential debate, but dismissed the comments as mere “locker room talk” and not harmful actions. Garrett is in a tight race for re-election.

That was Trump complaining Wednesday that House Speaker Paul Ryan didn’t call to congratulate him on his debate performance against Hillary Clinton. “Do what’s best for you in your district”, the House speaker told his members, some of whom angrily accused him of abandoning their party’s candidates.

Trump fired back on Twitter.

The speech comes amid a furious fundraising period for Ryan in which he raised more than $15 million for House Republicans in the third quarter for a total of $48 million this year. Asked about that request last month, Ryan said he expected the conference to vote at the same time it traditionally does after every election. Donald Trump’s little feelings are hurt, so of course, this means that the Republican Party is out to get him.

GOP Chairman Matt Borges has been organizing the state party’s resources behind Trump’s bid and offering advice to the nominee.

“They’ll be there. I would think that Ryan may be would not be there, maybe he will be in a different position”, he said and exuded confidence that he would win the November 8 general election against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. “However, if he can’t prevent himself from panicking and helping the enemy in a situation like this, well, then we’ll find out”, Rohrabacher said Monday.

Many Republican Congress members are anxious that Trump’s campaign could ruin their chances of holding their majorities in the elections and inflict long-term damage on the party. He bashed other Republicans for “disloyalty”, causing some to worry that Ryan miscalculated in his decision to back away from Trump.

Ryan’s message appeared to signal his disbelief in Trump’s ability to turn the campaign around with four weeks until Election Day, though he didn’t actually revoke his endorsement. Trump also called Arizona Sen.

Trump’s evoking of the symbolism of shackles, traditionally seen in American politics as an allusion to slavery, to describe Republican leaders could be problematic for a party that is struggling to attract black voters. But none of them have said they won’t vote for Trump. He’s given about three-fourths of that to the National Republican Congressional Committee, which Walden heads, with the rest going to other GOP candidates and committees and his own campaign.

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