Trump trashes Ryan: ‘I don’t want his support’


American presidents don’t do that. Ayotte finally said she could not vote for Trump after the video emerged on Friday.

Stone has confirmed he had “back-channel communications” with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, but he denies knowing about the group’s plans to release the trove of damaging correspondence. He cited no examples from the Podesta emails that he considered noteworthy. John McCain of Arizona who said there were no excuses for Trump’s “offensive and demeaning comments”. Trump’s campaign said her allegation “lacks any merit or veracity”. Age 22 at the time, Crooks says Trump kissed her “directly on the mouth” against her will.

Questions about backing Mr. Trump swirled for more than a year, but they took on added salience after The Washington Post reported a 2005 caught-on-tape moment in which Mr. Trump talks about failed attempts to seduce a married woman and brags about being able to grope women without their consent.

He says even those who have revoked their support for Trump following revelation of his predatory comments about women have “propped him up for a very long time”.

In response to his feud with Trump, Ryan is facing an open revolt among some House and party members, while grassroots Trump backers are increasingly vocal in expressing their disdain for his representation of establishment Republicanism.

A strategist for GOP Ohio Gov. John Kasich put the battle in vivid terms: “Sometimes the barn is so infested with rats you just have to burn the damn thing down and start over”, John Weaver tweeted Tuesday.

Palmieri told reporters traveling with Clinton on Wednesday that she doesn’t recognize the hacked email, although she wouldn’t say explicitly whether she believes it had been forged.

Making matters worse was Trump’s qualified apologies for his behavior, which began with a statement calling his dialogue with “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush “locker-room banter”, a reference he would repeat several times during the debate Sunday. Trump has refused and amped up his attacks on Clinton by bringing up Bill Clinton’s sexual past and saying the former first lady attacked his alleged partners. The Trump campaign also said there was “no merit or veracity” to Stoynoff’s story.

On Thursday, Trump, who trails Clinton by an average of 2.4 points in Florida according to the poll tracking website Real Clear Politics, will campaign in West Palm Beach before heading to OH for an evening rally in Cincinnati.

To call the past four days of the presidential race dramatic is an understatement. The FBI director criticized Clinton but did not recommend criminal charges.

“They’ll be there”, Trump responded. Ayotte later said she misspoke, and on Saturday she withdrew her endorsement of Trump. “She has to go to jail”.

Mr. Currier has formally asked all 168 members of the Republican National Committee to restate their support for Mr. Trump. Unfortunately, the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump does not seem to understand the weight of his decisions and has drawn global attention for his remarks.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Tuesday in Panama City, Fla.

For now, though, the reaction is optimism on the part of Democrats, and concern from Republicans.

In the House, GOP Reps. Early voting in OH opened Tuesday.

But in a Tuesday interview with Nebraska radio station KLIN Fischer reversed course. Democratic House gains appear certain, but Democrats would have to pick up 30 seats to win control. O’Reilly asked Trump. Both Trump and Clinton have claimed that IS uses the other’s rhetoric as a recruiting tool.

The former president spoke at a college in Indianola, Iowa, Wednesday on behalf of wife Hillary Clinton. This is going to mean the end of the ruling class. And they think they can do this and get away with it.

“He’s just in a hard place, and Trump is recognizing that he’s in a hard place and pushing the lever harder”, the friend said. Also, he doesn’t know what comes next for him. However, should he be wrong, he said, “Then I have to go back to my other life”.

“When you’re a star, women let you do anything”, he was recorded as saying.

After months of a relationship that devolved from cool to frigid, Ryan told GOP lawmakers this week that he won’t defend Trump or campaign with him and urged them to do whatever it takes to win re-election. Scott Garrett of New Jersey and Bradley Byrne of Alabama.

Fischer’s home state GOP colleague, Sen.

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