Utah Republicans Deliver A Fatal Blow To Donald Trump’s Reeling Presidential Campaign


His platform is based on differentiating himself from the main-party candidates, who he argues are more similar than they are different from each other. In early September, Trump’s lead had shrunk to 15 points, with McMullin polling at nine percent. Losing a state considered solidly Republican may effectively block that path.

Self-identified Republicans support Trump over McMullin by a 55% to 26% margin, with 6% supporting Clinton and 5% supporting Johnson.

The Y2 Analytics poll released on Wednesday, October 12 shows Trump and Clinton both getting the support of 26 percent of registered Utah voters, and third party candidates making up more than 35 percent of the vote.

“They’re both terrible”, he said.

“Do you think I can look her in the eye and tell her that I endorsed Donald Trump for president when he acts like this and his apology? He has some things I really like, but there’s a couple of issues I disagree with him on”, said Woolston, 35, a mechanical engineer. And … they’d nearly certainly choose Trump, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned about congressional Republicans it’s that they’re deathly afraid of pissing off the populists in their base this year. Fifty-nine percent of those surveyed identified as Mormon and half of those voters now say they will not support Trump. Calls followed from Sen.

The space for a third-party right-leaning candidate grew even wider following the release of Trump’s 2005 comments about women, as Republican leaders such as Mitt Romney, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, former governor Jon Huntsman and current Gov. Gary Herbert leaped to condemn the statements.

President Barack Obama’s approval rating recently hit a three-year high in Gallup’s poll, which may present another bad sign for Trump. The state of Utah should be classified as a battleground state for the general election, but not in the traditional sense.

McMullin, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer and a Mormon who has not made much headway in other states, has sought to capitalize on the dynamic in Utah.

Meanwhile, McMullin benefits from strong support among Mormon voters, who make up about 60 percent of Utah’s voting population.

Would House Republicans hand the Oval Office to a guy who won a negligible number of votes nationwide and only one state? Once an easy win for the GOP, Utah’s six electoral votes seem up for grabs in what has become a three-way race. He condemned Clinton as a corrupt career politician who compromised the lives of his former Central Intelligence Agency colleagues through the use of a private email server and Trump as a man who would show no respect for the division of power. McMullin is also Mormon, another plus for his supporters, who hope to put Utah in play on election day. Donald Trump doesn’t represent my values. McMullin had not chosen a running mate at the time he filed for ballot access in most states and used Johnson, a personal friend of his, as a name on the ballot.

“I may just plug my nose and vote for Trump, but frankly, that’s going to be a really tough thing to do”, said Taylor, 63, the owner of a rental vehicle company.

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