Veep debate: Pence, Kaine making the case for top candidates

Kaine is former Virginia governor and now serves the state in the Senate.

“[Kaine will] take shot after shot after shot at Donald Trump”, Walker said on a NY radio show Sunday, .

Though not a technical role, the VP will often act as an informal advisor to the president, depending on the relationship between the two. Tonight is the only chance this election’s major party vice presidential candidates will have to explain why they and their running mate, can change the country for the better.

Mr. Kaine paid his respects to the town by visiting the Moton Museum, which calls itself “the student birthplace of America’s civil rights revolution”.

After a week of roiling presidential race controversies – including the release of Donald Trump’s tax returns and Hillary Clinton’s unflattering portrayal of millennial voters – their running mates meet Tuesday for a debate where they hope to steady their respective campaigns and launch their own offensives.

Pence, 57, who had been seeking a second term as Indiana Governor after previously serving in the US House for 12 years, joined Trump’s ticket in mid-July. He considers himself a social conservative.

And in 2008, Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin staved off a widely predicted disaster and did just enough to remain a credible vice presidential pick — though the campaign was later overtaken by the financial crisis. The real question is: “Is Mike Pence going to defend Donald Trump?” he added.

The 90-minute debate will take place at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

Education: University of Missouri, Harvard Law School.

Kaine’s political history aligns well with the policies Hillary is campaigning on. The campaign expects his consistency to contrast with the showmanship of Donald Trump.

Zody said that like Trump, Pence would “try and fail, again and again to defend the indefensible”. They are actually not even the main focus of tonight’s debate.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s running mates carried the race for the White House on Tuesday, preparing to face off in their only debate of the campaign with the United States elections five weeks away.

Dobry, who favors the Libertarian ticket, said he’s aware the non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates did not include the others because they failed to win 15 percent of the public’s support in specific national polls.

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