Who is accusing Trump of sexual misconduct?


Presidential candidate Donald Trump is dominating the news, and not just because he’s running for the highest office in our country. “You just accepted it”. Everyone knew Trump, since he was a major celebrity, especially in NY, and Anderson referred to him as “gross”. “The press can’t write the kind of things they write, which are lies, lies, lies”, Trump said. As reported by The Washington Post on October 14, yet another women is coming forward. On his television show “With All Due Respect”, Halperin endorsed the newspaper’s reporting but claimed that the release of the legal letter crossed a line: “What I object to is, I think, the paper is making a big mistake, even though it is the lawyers and not the editors, in fighting with Donald Trump, in making additional sort of ad hominem accusations against him”, said Halperin, in remarks highlighted by Media Matters.

Yes, The New York Times is the newspaper of the Establishment and reflexively accepts nearly anything that the powers-that-be say is true, but Donald Trump undercuts that valid critique when he spins a conspiracy theory about the Times plotting with women who simply confirm what Trump has said about his own sexual predations.

Over 30 years ago, Ms. Leeds was sitting in first-class on a flight to NY next to Donald Trump. Rejecting his claims of being the victim of false stories, Hillary Clinton and ally Michelle Obama say Americans are learning more about Trump’s unacceptable behavior every day.

Kristin Anderson, then a 20-something aspiring model who was at the club with friends, said the stranger sitting next to her on a red velvet sofa had reached up her skirt and touched her genitals through her underwear.

“Obviously, if I had any idea this would have created such an uproar”, she said, “I might have had second thoughts about writing the Times“. According to Hidden American, the phrase “He was like an octopus, his hands were everywhere” is nearly verbatim of a Velvet Underground song which had the lyrics, He was like an octopus.

After a sleepless night, Leeds made a decision to contact the Times.

In just the past 24 hours, Trump threatened to sue the New York Times for recounting the stories of two accusers; he slammed the media for serving, in his telling, as a wing of Clinton’s campaign; and he called a reporter from the Associated Press “a sleazebag” for daring to ask him about those accusations.

At 22, Crooks met Donald Trump outside an elevator in Trump Tower.

As applied to Trump, a claim that he is a awful businessman or that he has syphilis would, if provably false, be libel per se.

Trump assailed The New York Times in particular, noting its connection to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who is a major shareholder in the media company. Crooks alleged her incident occurred in 2005. The modeling agency never called. Asked earlier on MSNBC whether the allegations against Trump are accurate, Ben Carson said, “It doesn’t matter whether [the women accusers are] lying or not”.

The way Trump and his supporters are treating these women is a reminder of exactly why many survivors don’t report being sexually assaulted: Because people don’t believe them. She even attended their wedding.

Though rattled, and feeling violated, Stoynoff remained to finish the interview. No one believes the Republican nominee when he says that “nobody respects women more than he does” because his statements and actions in decades of public life have shown that he does not only not respect women, but that he considers all of them as sexual objects. Have you ever been to Peter Luger’s for steaks?

“I really would like for the fact that he’s lying and he lies about so many things, really brought out and, yes, you did”.

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